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SharePoint Webpart for Prayer Time

  • The Purpose of “Prayer Reminder” is to remind and automatically calculate Prayer timings and register notifications for it. It has the ability to detect online location and make specific adjustments for each prayer time calculated. There is also a snooze feature for reminding prayers.

  • Increase company efficiency and productivity = better service for your clients

  • The application also has “Prayer Settings” feature through which you can adjust prayer juristic and calculation methods.

Prayer Timing - SharePoint Webpart

SharePoint Webpart for Ramadan

  • Accurate prayer time calculated depending on your geographic position

  • Calendar with of religious holidays dates

  • Ability to customize wallpapers

Ramadan Timing - SharePoint Webpart

SharePoint Webpart for Listen Quran

  •  You can listen Holy Quran in your own SharePoint Portal with this SharePoint Webpart 

Listen Quran - SharePoint Webpart

SharePoint Webpart for Daily Health Tip

  • This SharePoint Webpart will show you a new health tip every day.

Health Tip of Day - SharePoint Webpart

SharePoint Webpart for Receipe of Day

  • A short, quick SharePoint Webpart that helps you cook the basic of foods. With cooking temperatures.

  • Dont waste your time searching through big cooking books to find out how to cook the basic of foods, just have this little SharePoint webpart by your side to help you!

  • Designed for everyone who dont need big fancy recipies, rather just the basics to good cooking with what you have.

Daily Recipe - SharePoint Webpart

SharePoint Webpart for KPI

  • The application provides a viewer performance indicators of the company via the Dynamics Nav datas.

KPI Rotator - SharePoint Webpart

SharePoint Webpart for Quote of the Day

  • Aim to developer This SharePoint Webpart is to keep you inspired and nourished everyday.

Quote of Day - SharePoint Webpart

SharePoint Webpart for Attendance

  • Use a web part as a attendance clock in Microsoft SharePoint to record the attendance in the field.

  • Employees use the web part Personal Attendance to enter their own attendance which is immediately sent to the systems.

Attendance Tracker - SharePoint Webpart

SharePoint Webpart for Birthday Reminder

  • This is a Birthday Reminder Application. It allows you to add your friend’s birthday details and send them your warm wishes with greetings.

  • You can add contacts from Hub.

  • It shows upcoming birthdays in a separate pane

  • Allows to send mail

Birthday - SharePoint Webpart

SharePoint Webpart for Meeting Planner

  • Meeting Planner helps to find the next available time slots to create a meeting.

  • Create and save appointments are now possible.

  • The live tile automatically updates with your next meeting when you’re in office and how many meetings you have which are due soon when you’re out of office

  • Your upcoming meeting and schedules are front and center as soon as you launch the web part

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