A complete automation and facilitation for all incoming and outgoing paperwork movements

Correspondence Management

Complete automation and facilitation for all incoming and outgoing paperwork movements. Correspondence management solutions by Centillion Technology Systems provide you with a central repository that stores paperwork data and attached scanned images, plus a flexible method of moving papers within an organization or across different organizations.

Research has shown that nearly 80% of consumers ended a business relationship due to poor customer service, with half turning to a competitor. Effective customer communication is especially challenging when thousands of emails, letters, welcome packets, reports, brochures, policies, and contracts go out every month.

Correspondence Management system is of paramount importance for all entrepreneurs, business people, government agencies and other parties that have to deal with deadlines, and who need the highest possible level of productivity, as well as an efficient control system over growing correspondence channels.

The system will automate and facilitate incoming and outgoing paperwork movement. It provides the central repository that stores paperwork data and attached scanned images and provides a flexible method of moving the papers among the organization’s employees.

Business Needs Addressed by Correspondence Management

    • Correspondence ManagementReducing the number of stages the correspondences/documents go through in their path till they reach their final destination.

    • Saving time and effort through giving the ability to trace the correspondences/documents state in terms of knowing their location in the department(s), who is the person responsible to take actions against them, delays, bottleneck etc…

    • Enforcing security and secrecy where only the concerned department will be able to view the correspondence/documents.

    • Acquiring electronic images of the correspondences/documents generated from the system or any other paper correspondences/documents sent to the different departments of the organization either internally from other department or from an external party.

    • Linking incoming and outgoing correspondences/documents related to a certain subject, in addition to linking with referenced correspondences/documents from within the correspondences/documents, which gives the user the ability to navigate quickly and easily through the linked correspondences/documents from a single interface.

    • Interfacing/integrating with other systems in the different organization’s departments.

Why Correspondence Management Matters

Correspondence management is a fundamental business function for enterprises across industries. From banking and insurance to healthcare, retail, travel, and government — whatever your field, communicating with clients or constituents through correspondence is a requirement.

But despite this core need, many companies have not fully leveraged new software capabilities to automate large parts of their correspondence processes — saving costs for document assembly and delivery, as well as adding flexibility to reuse content and enhance personalization.

Along with gaining real dollar value through cost reduction, today’s correspondence management software solutions enable more quantifiable up selling options that align a recipient’s location, means, and interests to more viable offers.

In a challenging economy, squeezing out pennies from processes and eliminating system redundancy can immediately impact the bottom line.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Organizations investing in correspondence management improvements can expect several benefits that derive from increased automation, better management of content, and vendor or data center technology consolidation.

Organizations can estimate the scale, timing, and duration of these benefits by considering one or more key metrics and the value to the organization of improving those metrics over time.

Compliance with Regulations

Industries like insurance and financial services especially benefit through greater control of customer communications to meet regulatory requirements, particularly because of the ability to quickly address new requirements and provide an audit trail.

Correspondence management system eases conformance around formats, provides workflow management for multilevel approvals, and has business process management (BPM) capabilities for additional business rules to address regulation.

Cost Savings

Cost savings from correspondence management start with the low hanging fruit like reducing paper usage and costs associated with printing and distribution.

Correspondence management, through integration with customer or employee databases, helps reduce the mailings needed by better coordinating statement delivery with offers and other timely, relevant materials, and helps increase electronic delivery. Consolidating legacy mainframe systems, data centers, and vendors also results in large ongoing cost reductions.

Increased Content Efficiency

The organizations with cited the dramatic reduction in time spent updating correspondence templates, usually from weeks or days to hours.

Today’s solutions empower business users to manage template creation and changes, a benefit extolled by IT as well as the business. Consistency in correspondence design across channels and the ability to consolidate templates also streamline the content management processes.

Improved Customer Service

Because of improved content control, customer service also benefits. Customer service areas often see reduced errors in customer communications, real time access to customer documents, better quality documents, and increased relevance of marketing content.

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