Intranet based Business Intelligence Solution

We have realized that most Organizations need BI solution that is available on Intranet as well as cloud.
Keeping our customer in view, Centillion present SpotOn – an Intranet based BI solution.

SpotOn – Overview

A Business Intelligence solution that is quite robust and affordable. SpotOn is a complete BI solution that will assist you in figuring out meaningful Insights from business data. The Business Intelligence solution enables you to understand data, identify opportunities & issues and answer business questions. It’s cloud-based BI Solution has a wide range of analytical and reporting capabilities to provide a consolidated view of key business data. It gives management control & visibility over key metrics across subsidiaries, departments and processes.


Connect & Schedule

Connect & Schedule enables dashboard to be connected with any known database. Just enter Connection String, Select tables or write query, map fields to metrics and configure frequency of sync.

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