Bitrix24 is a comprehensive business management software solution that provides a range of tools to manage projects, sales, customer support, and other aspects of a business. It is designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline their operations and improve collaboration between team members. Bitrix24 offers features such as project management, team collaboration, time tracking, CRM, and communication tools such as video conferencing and messaging. It also provides automation capabilities to help businesses save time and increase productivity.

Bitrix24 is available as a cloud-based solution or as a self-hosted option, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the deployment option that suits their needs. With its all-in-one approach and extensive list of features, Bitrix24 is a popular choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive business management solution.

Web Application Development

Rethink your migration & content management strategies with our help. We have thousands of hours of experience in handling terabytes of content. Centillion Technology Systems has extensive experience migrating from various older versions of SharePoint & non SharePoint platforms to newer versions of SharePoint.

Business Forms & Workflows

Simplify your business forms & workflow needs with our help. We come with a lot of experience in building forms & workflow solutions with the help of out-of-box SharePoint, custom built solutions & a variety of third-party technology offerings.

Enterprise Content Management

Add a whole new dimension to your business by incorporating the best practices of content management. Our expertise in content management will help your business avoid the potential pitfalls in implementing a scalable & sustainable content management system.

Server Infrastructure Maintenance & Support

Be it an isolated incident support or a day-to-day maintenance, Centillion Technology Systems has a variety of service offerings that can help run your SharePoint infrastructure smoothly and effectively.

Mobility Services

With the help of new & advanced features in SharePoint, we can help bring advanced mobility features to your enterprise.

Enterprise Search

Provide meaningful & accurate information to your information workers by implementing Enterprise Search. By effectively implementing an Enterprise Search, Centillion Technology Systems can help your business access information at exponentially higher speeds.

User Experience Engineering

Bring new flavor to your SharePoint by engaging our highly experienced UX engineering teams to design the next generation SharePoint system for your business.

Business Intelligence Dashboards & Reporting

Never get lost in the world of information again. We specialize in a variety of Business Intelligence integration with SharePoint that will help your business derive the maximum benefit by implementing state of the art BI Dashboards & Reporting Systems.

Office 365

Office 365 offers the most economical & fastest way to get started with the SharePoint implementation. With all the years of experience we have in the SharePoint platform, since the earliest versions of BPOS, we have helped many of our customers successfully move to the Office 365 platform to provide tangible business benefits.

Business & Customer Portals

Integrate tightly with your partners, vendors & customers via efficient extranet systems. Our experience in integrating SharePoint with many different ERP’s like SAP, PeopleSoft, etc., will help you effectively collaborate with your Partners, Customers & Vendors.

Enterprise Social Networking

Bring your employees closer than ever with a new generation of social tools that are bundled with SharePoint and other third-party solutions.

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