Excellence Award – Management System

A complete automated solution for Excellence Award Submissions, Assessments and Dashboard & Reporting.

Excellence Award

Excellence Awards are considered to be the most admired award for corporate excellence across entire world. It encourages private institutions as well as government’s entities to serve more effectively, efficiently and achieve happiness, prosperity and well being for whole society.

Multiple awards are held across entire globe every year. Some of the notable ones are

1. Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance
2. Abu Dhabi Excellence Awards
3. Khalifa Award For Education
4. Abu Dhabi Education & Knowledge Award for Research Excellence
5. Dubai Government Excellence Programme
6. Dubai Quality Award
7. Dubai Service Excellence Scheme
8. Emirates Quality Mark
9. Dubai Human Development Award
10. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Awards

These are just a few of many Awards that are scheduled every year.

Application Features

We at Centillion have developed an Excellence Award application that can cater almost all Excellence Awards across globe. It can cater diverse set of requirements and provides a robust platform for customization.

Key features of our application “Excellence Award” include

a. Multiple Award Types (for ex. Education Excellence Award and Innovation Excellence Award)
b. Multiple Awards Categories (for ex. Division Award, Individual Award)
c. Multiple Criteria Management (Also supports KPIs tracking)
d. Multiple attachments options available
e. Robust Assessment Module
f. Extensive Admin module with dashboard and deports.
g. Supports AD integration as well as in-build User Management System

We have deployed this application in multiple government entities in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Give us a call for organizing a detailed Demo. Organizations inside Abu Dhabi / Dubai/ Brisbane can avail for an immediate demo session. For interested organizations outside UAE and Australia, we would appreciate to send us our query. We will arrange our local partner in your region for thorough demo.