Our Products

Currently we have 4 strategic products focusing on collaboration and intuit.

  • INCITE – The Art of Visualization (Complete Dashboard Solution with ETL Support) [Download]

  • IGNITE – Event Management System [Download]

  • InstaREM – Instant Reminder – Never forget any Renewals (PRO Reminder App)[Download]

  • Ideas on Board – Ideas / Projects / Innovation Evaluation System [Download]

Our Services

We aim to provide the complete solution to our users, from envisioning to final product to support. Our technical expertise are in 3 major ares.

Collaboration (Microsoft SharePoint / Office 365)

  • SharePoint Installation Services [Download]

  • SharePoint Upgrade Services [Download]

  • SharePoint Migration Services [Download]

  • SharePoint Applications Development [Download]

  • SharePoint Integration with external applications and databases [Download]

  • SharePoint Maintenance and Support Setvices [Download]

Business Intelligence (Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy)

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